ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Century – Electric Century

Release Date: February 26th 2021
Label: Panic State Records


It’s understandable that My Chemical Romance fans would be very disappointed over the last year, since the band’s already long-awaited reunion tour has been postponed due to the pandemic.

However, bassist Mikey Way might have something to keep them satisfied for a little while longer. His other band, Electric Century, are back with their self-titled second album, accompanied by a graphic novel, and is produced by My Chemical Romance guitarist, Ray Toro. The novel tells the story of washed-up actor Johnny Ashford, whose hypnotherapy treatment sends him back to Atlantic City in the 1980s, with the album providing a narrative soundtrack.

The opening drumbeat of ‘Till We’re Gone’ leads into a 80s style new wave synth bass line, and by the time the chorus hits it invokes a pure 80s nostalgia trip, from the airy and open synths to the effects on David Debiak‘s voice. Songs like ‘Let Me In’ and ‘Free To Be OK’ carry on the vibes of the decade, with just a little bit of a modern spin.

The 80s synthpop ballad is encapsulated in songs like ‘Alive’ and in the opening bars of ‘Voices’, although the latter transforms into another classic 80s pop-rock banger. ‘I’ll Be Fine’ gives more of a classic rock style ballad, with a little bit of synthpop mixed in towards the end, just before a soulful guitar solo hits.

Closer ‘Someday We Will Sing Again’ changes the vibe almost completely, only featuring Debiak‘s voice and a classical guitar, but it somehow feels like the perfect way to end the album. It feels like a definitive goodbye song, but also leaves the story open-ended, leaving room for the band to return to the story of Johnny Ashcroft.

For the My Chemical Romance fans that have been left waiting in the dark, waiting for the day that the band’s reunion tour can finally go ahead, Electric Century‘s self-titled album might be just what you need.