ALBUM REVIEW: Eat Defeat – I Think We’ll Be OK

Release Date: August 3rd 2018
Label: Bearded Punk Records
Website: None available


With many of their contemporaries choosing to adopt THAT accent in a scene that’s becoming increasingly Americanised, Eat Defeat are staying true to their roots by releasing a distinctly British sounding pop-punk album in 2018.

The Yorkshire four-piece have created a second album in ‘I Think We’ll Be OK’ with enough melancholy and aggression to evoke images of grey skies and chip butties whilst still creating positive, upbeat, and fast-paced punk rock.

While sticking to the tried and tested three-chord punk formula, Eat Defeat seem to have a bit more grit and determination than many other bands on the scene. ‘I Think We’ll Be OK’ is the follow up to their 2012 debut. With six years between records, this is a band that wants to get things right.

“We won’t be satisfied to only say that we had tried” rings out the catchy hook on ‘Self Help (For the Helplessly Selfless)’ a message that definitely seems to ring true with this hard-working touring band, who have played every town they could up and down the country and across the continent over the past eight years.

‘Can’t Say I’ll Miss You’ tells the tale of a relationship gone sour that most people can identify with one way or another, featuring angry verses with a melodic chorus that will reel you in and have you singing along in no time.

A perfect four-minute radio-friendly hit in the making. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Duvet Day’ is a glorious forty-two second tribute to staying in bed all day and telling the world to “Get fucked!” with an early 00s ska punk feel. Yet another sign that the band isn’t going to forget where they’ve come from anytime soon.

‘Not Today, Old Friend’ gives the album its title, featuring a gang chanted chorus of “I think we’ll be ok.” If they continue with what they’re doing, it seems like Eat Defeat will be ok for the foreseeable future.