ALBUM REVIEW: Dying In Designer – Nobody’s Happy.

Release Date: August 16th 2019
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available


For his debut, Dying By Designer (aka Bobby O’Brien) digs deep into personal turmoil to create a bleak snapshot of time.

Setting the tone early, lingering melodies swim around sparse beats on ‘Pull It’, giving space to nihilistic and doubting lyrics, with lines such as “Fuck Russian roulette, load the full clip”. Opening the record with a raw and biting confessional track serves as a startling beginning to a stark and honest look into the artist.

Delving into the gliding ‘Lonely’, the track imbues Blink-182 style melodies alongside chopped rapped verses and a laid back chorus reminiscent of Lil Peep. Moving between militant hi hats and sparse acoustic chords, the track doesn’t outstay its welcome nor does it over play its genre hopping transitions.

‘Wounds works within trap beats and lightly auto-tuned hooks, and by adding a punk bite for its chorus, it pokes above the expected turns found within modern rap. The same can be said for ‘Promises’, a song that melds sombre guitars with pitched shifted vocal melodies.

‘Nobody’s Happy.’ plays best when it sits within the delicate finger-picked guitars and punk vocals found in tracks such as ‘Devil’s Callin”. Injecting palm-muted guitars and call-and-response vocals, it keeps the momentum pushing forward whilst still maintaining a lyrical honesty.

With the record based on the breakdown of a relationship and its subsequent aftermath, ‘Down N Out’ serves as a resilient message of self-worth with lines such as “You’ll never be the better fucking part of me”. Alongside the lyrical shift in the narrative, the track also jumps into post-hardcore style melodies and chugging guitars.

As the record progresses, the tone becomes darker and more scathing, with ‘Hopeless Romantic’ delivering lines such as “Hopeless romantics get lost in the wind” with a nihilistic authority. The same can be said with ‘Highs’, a track that delves into the bleaker ruminations of mortality.

Ending the record with ‘Hollow’, disparate melodies lull behind snapping hi hats as the song blends hip-hop and pop-punk effortlessly. Staying to the honesty of the album, the remaining seconds don’t give closure to the narrative; instead it rounds off the tone of the record.

Blunt and delicate at the same time, ‘Nobody’s Happy.’ delivers an unrelenting look at an artist that’s healing. By sticking to snappy and short compositions, Death By Designer has crafted an relentlessly honest record.

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