ALBUM REVIEW: Dream On, Dreamer – It Comes And Goes

Release Date: May 25th 2018
Label: Unsigned


Creating a unique soundscape in a band can take multiple albums, years of honing, writing and re-writing to finally either break through or peak to touring the world. In step Australian outfit Dream On, Dreamer, who have been around since 2009, and now come forward as independent artists with their fourth album, ‘It Comes And Goes’.

‘Let It In’ starts things off with synthesised electronics and flittering sounds that you’d expect to find on a trip-hop album. It sets an initial atmosphere that is a continual presence through out every song rather than just an interlude, and it leads us right from there to a straight impact of guitars from Callan Orr and Zachary Britt that plant full force.

Vocalist Marcel Gadacz takes us on a tale throughout the album which has a very unique interplay. It’s not a soppy love story with tissues in one hand and a book of Shakespearean sonnets in the other; it’s a confrontational journey through the turmoils of reflecting on past events. ‘Runaway’ is a token to this with a lyrical plot to the title, trying to elope and runway from life’s many conflicts and troubles to a promising new freedom.

There’s a constant conflict between conscience, regret, realisation, and rebellion in the lyrics. The songs are constantly surrounded with electronic synthesis to create an atmosphere around everything and fills in the parts where there might be silence, instead instilling tension and drama. The guitars then create the rhythm, with very precise impactful drums to create a basis for the rest of the instruments to build the atmosphere around them.

Dream On, Dreamer certainly know their art, and ‘It Comes And Goes’ is an excellently designed and constructed album with intelligent use of instruments to create an entire wall of sound on each song.