ALBUM REVIEW: Don Broco – Technology

Release Date: February 2nd 2018
Label: SharpTone Records


Bedford’s Don Broco are back with their third album, ‘Technology’, which has been highly-anticipated since the news of signing with SharpTone Records along with the dropping of lead single ‘Everybody’ back in the summer of 2016.

Departing slightly from 2015’s sophomore, ‘Automatic’, which helped the band crank open the doors to much wider audience outside of the UK, ‘Technology’ combines the cool 80s synth-pop tinged melodies from their previous album and mixes it with a far rockier sound.

Opening with the titular track, the record begins with some rhythmic drums which quickly transitions into a heavy bass line and raunchy riffs, provided effortlessly by guitarist Si Delaney and bassist Tom Doyle. It sets the tone for the rest of the album to follow, and introduces listeners to what will be an hour of non-stop stellar tracks that showcases the band’s development perfectly.

Anthems in waiting are scattered across the album, including already released singles ‘T-Shirt Song’ and ‘Pretty’. By far the heaviest song on show here is ‘Porkies’, which certainly has familiarities to one of their earliest hits, ‘Thug Workout’.

Known for his incredible range, frontman Rob Damiani doesn’t disappoint on this album, showing off both his husky deep voice and high range falsettos. The use of heavier beats and highly distorted guitars on ‘The Blues’ provides an interesting contrast to his vocals.

A major standout feature of ‘Technology’ is the meaning behind each song. Far from being a LP of endless lovesick anthems, Don Broco have written an album that is incredibly personal, slightly political, and overall completely relatable. Whether it’s talking about the effects of Brexit in ‘Something To Drink’, the rise of fake news in ‘Stay Ignorant’, or displaying the difficulties of trying to helping a friend through a mental illness who doesn’t always accept it in the aforementioned ‘The Blues’, the band haven’t shied away from opening up and being honest about life in the past few years, and it’s about time too. Music has always been a personal escape, and no longer can we separate music from politics and social issues. Rather than ignore what is happening around us, Don Broco face these issues head on, raising awareness and providing an outlet for people who may need it.

‘Tightrope’ develops further on complex human relationships, but what makes it such a prominent cut is the powerful harmonies created by the combination of Damiani‘s vocals with that of drummer Matt Donnelly, whose inclusion adds a beautiful depth to the song. ‘Come Out To LA’ also showcases Donnelly‘s impressive voice, and further highlights the band’s diversity and talent.

From start-to-finish, ‘Technology’ is a solid record that has an incredible, versatile sound. Each track is equally as captivating as the next, with incredible vocals and production, and as a result a very potential 16-track and hour long slog turns into riff and hook-laden stepping stone in Don Broco‘s climb to the top.