ALBUM REVIEW: Disturbed – Evolution

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: Reprise Records


Whatever you think of Disturbed, you’ve got to hand it to them for still being a sizeable band in 2018, assisted massively by their recent cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s ‘The Sound Of Silence’, which even the band themselves couldn’t have foreseen being such a success.

Now, here is their seventh album, ‘Evolution’. Would that album title suggest that Disturbed are doing something different from the sound that they’re known for? Think again.

Disturbed, much like fellow radio rockers Nickelback and Five Finger Death Punch, have a workman-like reliability in that you know exactly what you’re going to get from them. ‘Are You Ready?’ contains the signature Disturbed bounce and gritty melodies from David Draiman, and ‘No More’ demonstrates their anthemic qualities.

‘A Reason To Fight’ shows us the other side of Disturbed – the ballads. Draiman‘s ability to carry a tune is to be commended, but there’s nothing particularly inspiring on show, just predictable tropes and you-are-amazing-and-everything-is-gonna-be-alright lyrical narratives.

‘Hold On To Memories’ is so sickly sweet that there should be a health warning of some kind attached. You may be at risk of contracting audio-induced type 2 diabetes. Still, the dual guitars in the aforementioned song, along with the drum fills and guitar solo in ‘Saviour Of Nothing’, are some of the more interesting ideas. That’s from desperately clutching at straws to find something exciting, though.

Further proof of their reliability is on show with ‘In Another Time’, in that it could have easily been on their 2000 debut, ‘The Sickness’. ‘The Best Ones Lie’ is another example of their solid, efficient arena-built metal.

‘Already Gone’ makes you want to laugh with its oh-so-sombre vocal delivery. Even by their standards, this is coma-inducing, but listening to songs like these could help if you suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation. You’ve got to turn a negative into a positive, right?

Look, if you’re already a fan, ‘Evolution’ will sit nicely in Disturbed‘s back-catalogue with all their other albums… which all sound exactly like this one. ‘Evolution’ is quite a slog, akin to eating a meal entirely consisting of plain white bread. Safe to say a little more flavour wouldn’t go amiss.