ALBUM REVIEW: Destruction – Born To Perish

Release Date: August 9th 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Being credited as one of the “Big Four” in German metal means that Destruction have a lot to live up to. Now, with fourteen full-length albums under their belt, we receive their latest offering, ‘Born To Perish’.

Rattling the cages straight from the off, the titular opening track rifles off in an introduction of hammering snare hits and blasts of guitar riffs before opening up into a death knell scream from vocalist, Marcel Schirmer. This is then led by fast-paced and aggressive riffs combined with rhythms from Tommy Sandmann, who seamlessly drifts between rolling toms and straight up pounding thrash to make an emphatic and impactful beginning to proceedings.

Redacting to a classic metal overtone, both ‘Inspired By Death’ and ‘Betrayal’ combine a higher pitched set of riffs that have the air of bands like Megadeth and Iron Maiden, but, when combined with Schirmer‘s snarls and croaks, retain the animosity and macabre of Destruction‘s sound.

Tempering the onslaught for a brief respite, ‘Butchered For Life’ begins with clean and reverberating guitars that combine with a dialled back rhythm section before progressively upping the ante back to up to a raucous of confrontational riffs and growling utterances. Steadily interchanging and breaking between the two sections showcases the band’s dexterity and creativity to construct more than just standard thrash.

Recounting the circumstances of flight MH17 in 2014, ‘Fatal Flight 17’ tells the story of the passengers’ demise at the hands of a surface to air missile that was fired, and how, despite warnings that it was an active war zone at the time, it didn’t change its flight plan. Rather than being a sombre recollection, the band tells it in a riotous tirade of speed thrash and upbeat tempos with the whole band joining in the chorus title.

‘Born To Perish’ is a solid display of updated classic metal that stays entertaining throughout. With only brief respites of space, it’s consistently grabbing your attention, with rhythm changes and clear vocals that deliver in the right amounts of quality and quantity.