ALBUM REVIEW: Deicide – Overtures Of Blasphemy

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


A listener graduating from the world’s extensive music formats to an aggressive extreme such as death metal takes more than a few listens and progressive layers of bands to enter. Some start off with a side dish of punk, then take a slice of nu-metal, only to end up in the clutches of grindcore and feasting on death metal itself.

Florida’s Deicide have been around for over twenty years now, and have had some rather controversial song titles despite some members having religious backgrounds. Now with their latest release, ‘Overtures Of Blasphemy’, we see whether they continue to brutalise and cause controversy still.

‘One With Satan’ starts the album with menacing guitars and guttural vocals that accelerate to speed metal momentum, and right from the off we know that this is no day for a walk in the park. There is only a a slight break for a guitar solo or two before the offensive is continued.

‘Crawled From The Shadow’ follows up straight into out right thrash extremes, using demonic tones and pounding drums to keep the continuous pressure mounting. The chorus almost enters a chant, but instead of a shout there’s a lower gut punch of visceral vocals.

The momentum and speed doesn’t quite stay maintained with ‘Seal The Tomb Below’, but sticks to a more balanced rhythm and clearer intersections that then accelerate back to the previous all out assault.

‘Anointed In Blood’ is a certain stand out moment. The track starts with a dual solo of guitars, and encapsulates a lot of the interchanges between styles in this album.

Deicide are ultimately and most likely the cultivators of the hardest, darkest, and sometimes controversial music that has been released. While ‘Overtures Of Blasphemy’ is a honed and accomplished album, it still lacks some variety to bring it into a more varied era of alternative music.