ALBUM REVIEW: Defocus – In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same

Release Date: July 2nd 2021
Label: Arising Empire


One extremely adverse effect of the pandemic has been that new bands haven’t been able to gig or even meet up to write if they were using commercial or community spaces that were shutdown. Defocus are one of many who fall victim to this, but they found a way to keep on writing using online meeting spaces and remote recording to put together ‘In The Eyes Of Death We Are All The Same’.

‘Thought Of A Vision’ kicks off the action in emphatic style with rampant riffs and a chaotic structure that switches from drilling metalcore to distant post-metal, which will scare away any faint-hearted wanderer accidentally peering round the corner.

Expanding the post-metal mantra, ‘In Our Heads’ and ‘Immerse Me’ still deal a deft blow of drops, but give plenty of breathing space to let the dramatic pauses and peaceful moments ring out.

Technical metal treat ‘Common Grave’ stops and starts with ultimate precision while background synths give a continuous reminder of the quieter moments in-between, yet it all blends nicely into a light meets dark cauldron of possibilities.

Breaker ‘Tides’ shifts from hauntingly distant and euphorically uplifting with an array of synths and percussion before being blown apart by follower ‘Diverge’. There are a lot of links and similarities to metalcore legends Volumes here, but Defocus steer well clear of becoming an imitation.

Focusing on hooks and catchy drops, ‘Disease’ bounds with bouncing rhythms and punk defiance from vocalist, Simon Muller, who commands a decent array of shouts, screamsm and roars to deliver his rebellious lyrics straight down the lug holes of every listener.

‘In The Eyes Of Death We Are All The Same’ is certainly as solid a debut as you’re likely to find from any band out there. The only thing that’s somewhat lacking is a spine-tingling moment or head rush of inspiration to push beyond up into the stratosphere and make it truly accomplished.