ALBUM REVIEW: Deez Nuts – You Got Me Fucked Up

Release Date: October 18th 2019
Label: Century Media Records


Delivering no nonsense hardcore for over a decade, Deez Nutz have always straddled the line between chunky breakdowns and bright choruses. With the release of sixth full-length, ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’, they streamline their tracks to create a brief yet entertaining record.

Stamping and juddering, ‘Singalong’ kicks off the record with a classic hardcore call-to-arms. Held together by a catchy chorus and gang vocals, the track relies on its melody and staccato breakdown to push it forward.

Stretching out further, the title-track hinges on thrash-infused riffing and rapped vocals before delivering an open chorus that demands to shouted back. With guitarist Matt Rogers adding a galloping twist on its bridge, vocalist JJ Peters subverts the expectancy by injecting a melodic coda, allowing the track to extend past its boundaries.

Adding more deviation to the record, ‘Crooked Smile’ delivers bass led verses and rapid fire rapping to great effect. Still incorporating smooth melodies with its chorus, the track stands out between the thrashy ‘You Gotta Feel Me’ and the aforementioned titular cut.

With chugging guitars and snappy vocals, ‘On Some Shit’ delivers a biting track that ticks all the boxes of the genre, complete with gang vocals and breakneck drum fills courtesy of Alex Salinger. Moving between rapped vocals and post-hardcore style chords, the track melds various offshoots of the genre to continue the energy of the record without getting stale.

‘On Some Shit’ and ‘DTDFL4EVA’ both highlight the charm of the record. In the hands of other artists, the record may not work, but with the conviction of Deez Nuts, coupled with swaggering attitude of Peters, the tracks imbue a quality that draws its audience in.

Guitars slide around pouncing drums on ‘Fools Gold’ as Peters barks above Rogers‘ shape-shifting riffs. Jumping from stamping guitars, octaves, and breakneck palm-muting, the song doesn’t let up for a second.

Ending with¬†‘Bitterest End’, Salinger peels away the buzzsaw guitars to unfurl a melody before diving right back into a mosh pit ready anthem. Chugging and melodic, the band delivers a final burst of energy.

Whilst ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’ certainly doesn’t offer anything new, the record still offers enough deviation and bouncing energy to keep fans shouting along in the pit. Playing to their strengths, Deez Nuts have created a record that only they could pull off.

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