ALBUM REVIEW: Death Angel – Humanicide

Release Date: May 31st 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Death Angel formed in San Francisco way back in 1982 and, after 37 years (save for a ten year disbanding between 1991 and 2001), they’re still going strong and are now onto record number nine, ‘Humanicide’.

Sounding the war bells, the opening titular track harps with epic guitar solos and rolling drums before quickly being dispatched in a thrash of interchanging rhythms and impactful vocals that deliver a direct kick to the teeth.

Curtailing to classic metal, ‘Aggressor’ initially pounds in a rhythmic stop-start yet straight forward confrontation of guitars and lyrics that is then steadily blended with modern touches of synths, math rock riffs, metalcore breakdowns, and progressive layers that show that this is no one trick pony.

Bounding with american hardcore attitude, ‘I Came For Blood’ reads the riot act in a rebellious blast of flaying guitars and confrontational lyrics, declaring frontman Mark Osegueda‘s intentions to turn all insight to liquid remnants. The style of vocals he presents retain a constant direct intelligibility, but are delivered with equal conviction and sincerity that ensures every message gets through.

Allowing for some breathing space, ‘Immortal Behated’ introduces a clean dimension with distant pianos and guitar solos that abate the onslaught for only a brief few seconds before launching into a groove metal pound of rhythms from Will Carroll that, despite a slower pace, still retain as much punch as its predecessors.

Redacting to power metal levels, ‘Revelation Song’ emphatically pounds the streets of broken towns in a self-reflective declaration of the consequences of war. Stylised with a classic edge of open drums and guitar riffs from Rob Cavestany, the classic distorted sound mixed with a super accurate edge and professional execution means that the sound is aggressive but never wild and frenetic.

‘Humanicide’ is a solid exhibition of a classic style built and modernised into a round house of kick of tracks that never loses entertainment value or diversity.