ALBUM REVIEW: Cyhra – No Halos In Hell

Release Date: November 15th 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


‘No Halos In Hell’ is the second full length from Swedish supergroup, Cyhra, and it’s also a colossal waste of resources.

With former members of Annihilator, In Flames, and Shining, one would expect these songs to bear a certain level of nuance and artistry, but no. Subtlety is nowhere to be found as each track trudges on; one compressed, mind numbingly bland power metal riff after another.

Lacking any form of cohesion, the pattern seems to repeat in an endless cycle, with some of the most cringe-worthy, eyeroll-inducing metallic ballads committed to record in a long time. The fact that these tracks lack even a micro-dose of soul amplifies their monotony tenfold. Every riff, solo, and drum-fill feels remarkably stagnant, almost to the point where these songs sound like they were assembled using a make your own Swedish power metal album app.

Attempts at moments of gravitas and musical diversity come off as clichéd and uninspired, with the use of electronic keyboards and (laughably run of the mill) synthesisers adding a cheapening layer to the proceedings. ‘Dreams Gone Wrong’ is one of the worst culprits; combining ghastly, artificial piano with the same, rudimentary riffing. This formula is essentially repeated fourteen times, leading to an overstuffed runtime without a single, interesting moment throughout.

Vocalist Joacim “Jake E” Lundberg (formerly of Amaranthe) is clearly very capable and controlled, but his vapid lyrics and dramatic delivery would be far better suited to something along the lines of the Eurovision song contest. It sounds overtly harsh, but these songs harbour no discernible message, nor do they feel in any way genuine or from a place of passion. They’re astoundingly bland, void of any ingenuity, and don’t seem like they have a home in the heart of anyone except for their creators.

The music Cyhra choose to make is completely their right as musicians, but as respected artists, they have not delivered a respectable piece of art. ‘No Halos In Hell’ is an utter waste of their ability and resources, and an even bigger waste of your time as a listener.