ALBUM REVIEW: Cold Night For Alligators – Fervor

Release Date: November 9th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Twitter: None available


Hailing from Copenhagen, Cold Night For Alligators have been around since 2008, and even won an award for best upcoming metal act in 2011. Despite their early success, the band have risen to the foreground slowly over the years, and after touring Europe and India they now have for us a new album, ‘Fervor’.

Assaulting with imminent force while fleeting between epic choruses and grinding verses, ‘Violent Design’ creates an immediate sense of the variety that’s to come throughout the album.

Juxtaposing between atmospheric clean sections and light speed metal, ‘Drowning Light’ and ‘Black Swan’ culminate in epic crescendos of final choruses, combined using a full layer of synthesised instruments to ensure the experience is fully encapsulated.

Ensuring not all the drama isn’t too far on the lighter side of happiness, ‘Nocturnal’ allows for a break in momentum while still instilling the attributes of the previous tracks. The vocals become more of an emotional point of focus, which come across with equal sincerity and impact.

Following a tale of inner torment and conflict, ‘Wilderness’ reaches into the much darker avenues of psychosis in a progressive context, with the vocals and guitars joining in harmony to represent the battle of emotions. The change in atmosphere and style brings a greater variety of the album, which often falls on the lighter side of technical metal at the beginning.

Allowing breathing space between all of the drama, both ‘Entangled’ and ‘The Proposition’ showcase the instrumental side of the band with short atmospheric pieces that allow a comfortable flow into the tracks they prelude.

Climaxing in metallic euphoria, ‘Coloured Bones’ centralises on creating an overall soundscape to bring across the challenging confrontation of the vocals before allowing an eloquent operatic ending in ‘Infatuated’.

Fracturing between tragedy and romance, ‘Fervor’ more than delivers in equal parts of dark aggression and impassioned enthusiasm.