ALBUM REVIEW: CLT DRP – Without The Eyes

Release Date: August 28th 2020
Label: Small Pond Recordings
Website: None available


Unabashed and unafraid, CLT DRP are stepping into the bullpen of punk rock and challenging society, patriarchy, and femininity in ‘Without The Eyes’.

The quasi-electro grunge-pop Brighton trio somehow manage to tick every box with their debut album, from cultural relevance to shrewd lyrics, but, quite frankly, they probably wouldn’t care if they didn’t tick a single one.

Perhaps it’s naive optimism, but it really has felt like change is in the air lately, with societal and political movements such as #MeToo and, more recently, Black Lives Matter finally making waves. There is no better time, therefore, to unleash such a brash, brave record that truly takes on the world. Facing issues such as toxic masculinity, sexuality, misogyny, and body confidence, ‘Without The Eyes’ could not have come at a better time.

Vocalist Annie Dorrett opens the album (after a brief intro exclaiming the band’s name is pronounced “clit drip!”, just in case anyone was unsure) with ‘I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym’ – a fuck you to diet culture and female beauty standards delivered with an ironic Kardashian drawl. Perhaps Keeping Up With The Kardashians could’ve made it a few more seasons if Kim, Khloe, and co. started admitting that they don’t always want to go to the gym or have time to shave their legs like the rest of us.

From ‘Like Father’, which details the harsh imperfections in relationships, to ‘Skin Remover’, which takes a magnifying glass to shattered self-esteem, the themes explored in this album are intense, honest, and powerful. But it’s not only the lyrical content that challenges us; with hints of dream-pop in ‘Where The Boys Are’ and funky rhythm in ‘Seesaw’, CLT DRP refuse to be kept in a box. This is never more obvious than in ‘Zoom 20’, which takes the throaty punk vocals of Hole, the pop hook of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the alt-EDM of Skrillex, and the riff-heavy backdrop of Enter Shikari to create something inspired yet completely new.

CLT DRP promote their brand of feminism in a way that is both nuanced and bold, heartfelt and aggressive, captivating and uncomfortable. Each new track peels off another unexpected layer, and, with it, another string to this band’s ever-growing bow. Undoubtedly, ‘Without The Eyes’ is the album that this generation never knew it needed.