ALBUM REVIEW: closure. – I Don’t Mind

Release Date: September 17th 2020
Label: Sakers Music
Website: None available


In the two years since their first release, emo punks closure. have done a lot of growing. Moving away from chaotic rhythms and 90s pop-culture inspired track titles, what used to feel like music mimicry is now solid emo music that feels raw and personal.

The band’s debut album, ‘I Don’t Mind’, develops an attitude that feels true to the band’s inspirations while remaining original.

Soft guitar melodies intertwined with self-deprecating vocals that build on one another,  ‘Coruscate’ is a emo ballad that carefully lowers you into a state of calm from which you’re able to absorb the coming twenty five minutes of heavy baggage music.

Fast and fun riffs, broken in with just the right amount of whinny heartbreak angst is what closure. deliver throughout this record. Emo is often about breaking down complex emotions into simple cathartic bursts, and ‘Fragmented’ is a song that encapsulates this well by putting strong emphasis on key emotive moments like “I’m sorry”.

‘Standing’ is by far the most memorable song on the record with its powerful opening line, uninterrupted by music before allowing the full force of the band in to add gravitas to the chorus on its second time around. Similarly in ‘Seasons Change’, the vocals take center stage whilst the music dances around giving the lyrics space to breathe.

The album’s title-track flexes between some of the softest and heaviest music on the record. Jumping from solemn to angry, it’s clear why it was chosen as the titular track, because it feels like the conflicting heart of the record and musically defines the thin line between sad and angry that is emo.

Youthful and personal, ‘I Don’t Mind’ is a record that takes universal feelings and delivers from them music that is honest and relatable. Whilst most emo bands will shout and scream a lot to inject angst into their music, closure. remain mostly composed throughout, making only a handful of exceptions to be really emphatic. This album makes closure. a band worth following.