Release Date: August 8th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Twitter: None available


Not content with just being a tattoo artist, CHRISTWVRKS (aka Jamie Christ) has expanded his repertoire to music using his signature name, attempting to carve his way through the underground. Now with his latest creation, we shall what’s going on in ‘Messiah Complex’.

Echoing with distant synths and theatrical exerts, opener ‘Three Daggers I Have For You’ could lead you down any path of destruction. Instead, we’re launched into a tirade of rattling cymbals and unintelligible something or others that barely resemble anything close to a guitar riff or chord.

Continuing the white noise assault, ‘Chaos In My Head’ is aptly named as there are intentional digital squeaking and squawking backed choirs of voices that keep up the haunting atmosphere throughout.

Finally introducing a few guitar notes, ‘Fuck My Life’ riots with punk enthusiasm, bouncing with constant energy and distorted bass notes that are overshadowed by a constant foreground of writhing synths and rings that are unpleasant and distracting.

The titular track pushes the chaoticism to its limits in a mangled ball of thrashing drums and noise, interlaced with dubstep beats that invokes effectively feeling of hopelessness and fetid decay in the listener.

Taking on a different approach, ‘A New Corpse’ introduces a female vocalist to proceedings, with pure cleans that create a much-needed fix of variety and balance in the constant darkness. This is also expanded upon further in closer ‘Rebirth’, a song that progressively builds up from tranquil pianos and ethereal synths to church organs and wildly flailing riffs. It’s certainly a more pleasurable and distinctive experience compared to the previous onslaughts.

A vast majority of ‘Messiah Complex’ is definitely for the fringe fanatics of noise and unfettered brutality, but thankfully the final two tracks give a lot of promise to the next endeavours of this band. The progressive capability to introduce some lighter and more gradual elements may see them create a distinctive and more enticing mix.