ALBUM REVIEW: Capture – Lost Control

Release Date: August 16th 2019
Label: Artery Recordings


Since the announcement in 2017 of a new chapter as musicians, Capture have held existing fans of Capture The Crown in limbo as to what the debut record under their new guise will hold.

After two years, Capture have delivered on the promise shown on the few tracks they’ve shared during that time with ‘Lost Control’, a record that takes bold steps to move away from the metalcore sound that defined them and towards the next chapter in their career.

Working with a slow build on opener, ‘Alive’, the group move from soft and intimate soundscapes towards wide distortion and driving drums to drag you into the record. Punctuated by gang vocals and percussive guitars, the track serves as an intriguing glance at the record.

Returning to the sound that propelled the group, the title-track delivers furious hardcore screams and fast-paced blast beats. Boasting twisting melodies and lush backing vocals on its chorus, as well as an emotive and driving guitar solo, the track moves around mosh pit ready riffs and melodic passages.

Taking an experimental approach to structure, ‘No Cure’ delivers a series of dynamic twists and turns, moving from restrained ambient passages to towering bursts of layered guitars. By utilising vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare‘s performance to create a seamless bridge between the transitions, the song becomes a catchy and restrained break before the chugging and disparate ‘Dead Hollywood’ that follows.

Fast-paced and bouncing, the aforementioned track takes its cues from nu-metal, with its harmonic reliant riffs and vocal inflections reminiscent of the genre. But, by adding the ambient and melodic soundscapes explored earlier, it develops its own sound instead of treading old ground, creating more avenues for the group to explore.

Showcasing their song writing skills on ‘High’, the group work with multi-syllable rhyming and gospel influenced hooks to bring their vision to life. Whilst the record is expansive in its influence, there are still moments where the group falls into old territory, particularly on ‘The Lake’.

Regardless, ‘Lost Control’ sees Capture not only create more freedom for themselves, it also highlights their strengths and serves as the record that fits them comfortably. With artists moving from metalcore with mixed results, ‘Lost Control’ achieves the transition with success.