ALBUM REVIEW: Capstan – Separate

Release Date: July 23rd 2021
Label: Fearless Records


Making their mark with debut LP ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’ in 2019, Capstan have returned with ‘Separate’. Taking a fearless approach to the record, ‘Separate’ sees the band at their most open whilst being more confident in their writing abilities.

Continuing to refine their sound, ‘Pretext’ sees the group play with choppy riffs, double kick led verses, and soaring choruses with ease. Quickly cementing the sound that defined their debut, ‘Separate’ delivers a familiar opener for its audience before ‘Shades Of Us’ takes us on a detour from the expected. Still managing to sound uplifting and simultaneously Capstan, ‘Shades Of Us’ gives the first hint that ‘Separate’ isn’t going to be a re-hash of their debut.

Following up with the groove driven ‘Take My Breath Away // Noose’ and riff driven ‘Alone’, the group continue to play with genres with the experience of more road-tested band. Whilst the first half of the record may be filled with a set of stylistically disparate tracks, they’re all held together by the memorable lyrics delivered by vocalist Anthony DeMario, and an energy that begs for audience participation.

As the record continues, it becomes evident that ‘Separate’ is the sound of Capstan challenging themselves. Album highlight ‘Blurred Around The Edges’ incorporates swimming melodies, stark lyrics, and a guest appearance from Saxl Rose alongside a conviction driven performance from DeMario that ties the dynamically shifting track together.

Not content on just exploring new soundscapes, ‘Tongue Biter’ and ‘Abandon’ continue to expand on the technical post-hardcore found on their debut. Closing with the acoustic duet of ‘Sway’ and the bittersweet ‘Decline’, Capstan continue to redefine themselves.

On ‘Separate’Capstan have pushed past their debut to create a record that is fluid in its style yet consistent, and one that deserves repeated listens.