ALBUM REVIEW: Capstan – Restless Heart, Keep Running

Release Date: September 20th 2019
Label: Fearless Records


Progressive post-hardcore outfit Capstan are thundering into the limelight with the release of their debut album, ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’.

A tragic, gravelled anthology of tracks that bounds around with intensity, ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’ serves to catalyse Capstan‘s career, catapulting them to inevitable success.

Single ‘Fix’ sits in the early portion of the album, socking you in the face from the onset. The guitars prick with such an intensity that the effects are almost venomous, while the drums (courtesy of Scott Fisher) stomp the aggressive vocals into the heart of those that are listening.

Frontman Anthony DeMario secures his vocal cords diagonally against a wall before launching his weight against them, cracking and stretching them to their maximum capacity. The vocal dynamics in the likes of the aforementioned ‘Fix’ and ‘Terminal’ are nothing short of impressive.

‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ is a melancholy diary entry, one scrawled across frayed pages that are embroidered with ink stains and tear smudges. The undeniable vulnerability portrayed by the floral acoustics in this track is punctured by sporadic power chords and Andrew Bozymowski‘s tarred, deep bass lines that unearth the punky influences behind this effort.

Capstan possess the effortless ability to interlace angered instrumentation with touching lyricism, concocting a satisfying, enthusiastic collection of tracks. ‘I’ll Bury The Hatchet When They Bury You’ chokes the solidity of its lyrics, holding them underwater and only allowing them to resurface when they’re perfectly saturated in jolting melodics. Lyrics like “You’re the cancer of my cells / All your memories hurt like hell” stand brazen at the forefront of the track, unforgiving and riddled with impact.

‘Indelible’ awakens the sludgy guitar chords of earlier tracks, conjuring guitarists, Harrison Bordmann and Joseph Mabry to craft snaking, quivering riffs that rinse the song in enchantment. However, while the obvious professionalism of all members is conveyed throughout this full-length, the chosen stylistic techniques become a little predictable.

‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’, despite its arguable repetitiveness, is an esteemed and conventionally attractive release. Concluding tracks, ‘Nothing Met, Nothing Moved’ and ‘The Love That Remains’ introduce trickling, intricate craftsmanship that heightens the perceived talent of this band.

Prior releases like ‘In The Wake Of Our Discord’ established a following for Capstan, but this full-length effort combines elements of rock, pop-punk, and post-hardcore, firmly cementing them a respectable and deserved pack of fans.