ALBUM REVIEW: Calling All Astronauts – #Resist

Release Date: June 5th 2020
Label: Supersonic Media Ltd.
Website: None available


Electro-goth three-piece Calling All Astronauts have returned with their third album, ‘#Resist’, an album entirely dependent on its message.

It takes on a world of injustice, covering topics such as racism, nationalism, and xenophobia, and spits venom back at those who poison society with their prejudice.

Calling All Astronauts‘ defined blend of goth, punk, and industrial influences creates a sound that is almost extra-terrestrial, as if they’re trying to detach themselves from the world that they’re condemning. The album’s otherworldly opener, ‘Holy Trinity’, drones out like a universal call to arms. “Greed, power, and war” take the place of the father, the son, and the holy spirit for this scathing attack on populist politicians, with this tone bleeding into the ensuing tracks.

Demonstrating the album’s scale, ‘Rapture’ tells the dystopian tale of the last day on earth as a result of climate change, with blistering instrumentation illustrating the scene. Questionably, things fall a little off track with ‘Fifteen Minutes’, a song that criticises social media for all the wrong reasons, namely by discrediting the musicians that are borne from it. Focus is re-centred with ‘Reason’, a howling lamentation about social media manipulation by the far right and its effect on everyday people.

‘#Resist’ doesn’t beat around the bush. There are no sweeping metaphors or ambiguous messages; Calling All Astronauts are confident of where they stand, and they want you to be too. Their blunt, slogan-style song writing serves this purpose well, though its overall effect makes for rather dry listening. Without the message, there certainly would be a lot less to talk about.