ALBUM REVIEW: Cadaver – Edder & Bile

Release Date: November 27th 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
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Cadaver have resurrected and killed more times than the average zombie in an apocalyptic movie, especially as the only surviving member is Neddo now taking over vocal duty. Is it the same Cadaver on the autopsy table, or a fake that has replaced it? We shall find out in ‘Edder & Bile’.

Beginning with guttural sounds of choking throats or people drowning in blood, you can be assured that no faint soul is around after the first few seconds of ‘Morgue Ritual’ that is quickly dispatched in an assault of classic meets speed metal variations. It’s an effective and tyrannical onslaught.

Taking it up a notch, ‘Circle Of Morbidity’ turns to death metal realms with a guest vocal spot from Jeff Becerra (Possessed), but it’s hard to understand why he’s there in the first place. He simply repeats a line already screamed in a lower growl, whereas in follower ‘Feed The Pigs’, Kam Lee (Massacre) gets a full set of verses. It also ties in better with a hardcore approach of rampant dissonant riffs that link with Lee‘s straight up visceral roars and brief utterances.

Verging on the edge of utter chaos, ‘Reborn’ is a rampant ball of maniacal twisting riffs from Destructhor and Neddo who manage a great arsenal, ranging from black metal to straight up classic riffs, but don’t push the envelope to far.

Ramping up the ferocity, ‘Years Of Nothing’ is a riotous ball of endless energy, delivered in a constant pound of rifling kick pedals and rattling snares from Dirk Verbeuren who somehow manages to keep pace with the light speed instrumentation in front of him.

‘Edder & Bile’ is an accomplished and varied exploration of classic meets modern death metal, and the variations of speed and style mean that it doesn’t get stale. A few extra touches of light could’ve made it truly masterful.