ALBUM REVIEW: Brutality Will Prevail – Misery Sequence

Release Date: September 13th 2019
Label: BDHW Records
Website: None available


Welsh hardcore mainstays Brutality Will Prevail are back with their sixth full-length album, ‘Misery Sequence’, which is also the band’s first offering since their label shift, moving over from Holy Roar Records to BDHW Records.

To some degree, we know what to expect from Brutality Will Prevail by now, and on this effort, their mix of metallic hardcore, beatdowns, and their somewhat new-found doom metal influence comes together as one.

Much like their last effort, 2017’s ‘In Dark Places’, there’s a layer of moroseness that manages to interweave its way into their assault. We open with the title-track, which gets us into first gear straight away, ending on a typically savage breakdown.

‘Slither’ is on the faster side of things, and its tense, feedback assisted ending flows into the doom-laden ‘Twisting The Knife’. We then segue into ‘Deny The Truth’, which snaps us back into reality, trading in their signature gut-punch hardcore – this song will no doubt cause a raucous live. The flow of the previous tracks also shows us that there’s a great sense of continuity here.

Even if some of this album is hardcore as you’d expect, it’s clear that you can never quite guess what’s coming next, which is the mark of a captivating record.

‘Unsettling’ serves as another segue, and the band use their doom leanings to lead things into ‘Sense Of Doubt’. Both this track and ‘End Of Me’ are very mosh-worthy indeed, with the latter track using a striking sludge-out ending.

If you’re into the slower, atmospheric side of their sound, the last two tracks will tickle your fancy and then some. The sombre ‘Breathless’, with lead vocals courtesy of Toni Coe-Brooker, arguably transforms them into a different band entirely. Seriously, this song could easily have been on Chelsea Wolfe‘s ‘Hiss Spun’. A dark, brooding track with lots of atmosphere, this is definitely a stand-out moment.

Finally, we have ‘The Bitter End’ to close things out, to emphasise the doom influence further, but there are moments where we’re taken back to first gear. Just when it seems like it’s going to end on an all-out sludge-fest, we just get a small amount of noise. You may be wondering “is that it?”, but it’s another example of Brutality Will Prevail defying conventions.

With the amount of ambition and dexterity shown, it’s possible that this could have even been expanded further than its 32-minute length. Yet, with a lot of variety on show, this is far from just another hardcore record. Based on ‘Misery Sequence’, Brutality Will Prevail will no doubt continue to be a mainstay of the hardcore scene for some time.