ALBUM REVIEW: Broadside – Into The Raging Sea

Release Date: July 24th 2020
Label: SharpTone Records


With two records already behind them, Broadside have gone from strength-to-strength. With ‘Into The Raging Sea’, their debut with SharpTone Records, their third LP sees them tightening up their core sound whilst venturing towards broader soundscapes.

Kicking the record off with ‘The Raging Sea’, melancholic guitars work against Ollie Baxxter‘s urgent and winding vocals. Boasting a more expansive soundscape, one that leans on atmosphere and sees intertwining melodies come into play, Broadside open proceedings on a strong note.

Following up with the energetic ‘Foolish Believer’, synths and thick guitars fight against Baxxter‘s confident performance. Anchored by Pat Diaz‘s rumbling bass lines and driven by Jeff Nichols‘ pounding drums, the track moves between stark bridges and crunching choruses.

As the record progresses, it becomes clear that ‘Into The Raging Sea’ is an album that looks forward with an atmospheric undercurrent throughout. That being said, the group doesn’t dismiss the buoyant energy of previous releases, something that both ‘Overdramatic’ and ‘Seasons’ display proudly.

Embracing a denser and layered approach to pop-punk, the stomping ‘Heavenly’ is elevated with the inclusion of floating synths and a passionate vocal delivery. The same can be said for ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ and ‘Breathe You In’. With the former imbuing a swaggering choruses and the latter resting on the tried and tested pop-punk structure, the execution and the energy that supports them pushes the tracks towards album highlights.

Closing off with ‘The Setting Sun’ and ‘Burning At Both Ends’, Broadside showcase their diversity. Covering the spectrum of their various influences, the former unleashes a roaring run through of pop-punk hallmarks while the latter is a delicate and somber conclusion.

Assured and accomplished, ‘Into The Raging Sea’ is the record that pushes Broadside towards a deservedly wider audience.