ALBUM REVIEW: Brightlight City – The Harmony & The Chaos

Release Date: May 17th 2019
Label: Undead Collective Records


After a number of years of touring, British hardcore punks Brightlight City are finally ready to share their debut album, ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’, a collection of melodic anthems that has them hitting the ground running.

Opener ‘Statues & Monuments’ begins with a heavy guitar riff alongside a fast drum beat from Ben Bell to really get heads banging. Its chorus refrain of “Be like a statue! be like a monument” is powerfully roared like a rallying cry, and this really sets the tone of crowd-pleasing chants which follow in almost every song throughout the album.

‘You’ll Get What’s Coming’ demonstrates the band’s versatility, and starts off with a heavy bass riff before Jamie Giarraputo comes in with a series of aggressive chanting that’s bound to get you shouting along with him. There’s plenty of sound layering and mood building throughout this number, which really helps bring a sense of understanding to just why the quintet settled on the album title that they did.

One notable stand out from the crowd here is ‘Who You Are’, mostly for its far more upbeat presence and in turn tonal shift whilst still managing to fit within the body of the record. It’s lyrically uplifting, and showcases Brightlight City‘s potential to appeal a wider audience beyond their familiar territory.

‘The Harmony & The Chaos’ is a solid album of tracks, though they do blend a little too seamlessly into one another. The energy is there, but that can wane and drain quick when there’s little room to breathe and diverse from one moment to the next. It’s a great foundation and will certainly carry more of a spark live, but where they go from here is something that need to be kept an eye on.