ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Fallon – Local Honey

Release Date: March 27th 2020
Label: Lesser Known Records


With over a decade delivering narrative heavy records, Brian Fallon faces his 40s with his distinct confessional style. With third solo record ‘Local Honey’, middle age is met with both introspection and stark intimacy.

Opening with his distinct drawl, Fallon ushers in ‘When You’re Ready’ with gentle finger-picking and romantic lyricism. Whilst it may be one of his hallmarks at this point, the lyrically driven track still maintains a strong energy. Utilising country slides, a shuffling backbone and shimmering reverbs, Fallon leans in deeper to his Americana influences to ease the record in.

As with every release, Fallon‘s auto-biographical narratives and subtle hooks lay the foundation, but with ‘Local Honey’, the production value and stylistic deviations stands out. As shown with the expansive yet intimate production style of ’21 Days’, bringing a new layer to an often-used structure, or the subtle electronic flavours that pepper ‘Vincent’, Fallon finds new ways to shift his soundscape.

Whilst the first half of the record may rely heavily on the narratives to drive them, ‘Lonely For You Only’ adds a pumping energy to proceedings. With a percussive piano chord pattern pushing the track, whilst Fallon‘s vocal delivery may steal the show most of the time, this song brings focus back on the hooks that weave throughout the record.

Following up with the country soaked ‘Horses’, floating acoustic melodies swirl alongside subtle vocal harmonies as Fallon crafts an urgent and spinning track that jumps out in a lean record. Closing with lead single ‘You Have Stolen My Heart’, hazy soundscapes glide alongside swaying guitars as Fallon delivers to us a final snapshot into his mind.

As with each record, Brian Fallon‘s auto-biographical content pulls his audience in, but with ‘Local Honey’ adding subtle deviations, he begins to move out from his niche sound. Whilst the content may be economical, each track has something to offer and creates a snapshot of an artist refusing to stagnate.

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