ALBUM REVIEW: Breathe Atlantis – Soulmade

Release Date: January 25th 2019
Label: Arising Empire


Germany’s Breathe Atlantis have been building a solid foundation over the past few years, with an energetic live show and two full-length’s under their belt, and now third release ‘Soulmade’ sees that energy captured across eleven tracks.

The group’s alternative rock sound that has been their foundation sees a new maturity, with an emphasis on tight song writing and an abundance of memorable choruses to drive the progression of the record.

Lead single, ‘Cold’, turns the spotlight on all members of the group. Starting with the hypnotic croon of Nico Schiesewitz dictating the track, it’s not long before bassist Jan Euler subtlety drives it towards its stunning chorus. The chorus itself may be melodically similar to the introductory motif, but with the dynamic shift and the use of countermelody, it punches through the track.

Not content with just a strong chorus, as the bridge builds tension, drummer Markus Harazim explodes with a polyrhythmic fill before allowing Joschka Basteck to unleash a harmonically invested solo. The track itself highlights how well the band works as a unit, allowing each section to breathe and develop.

Whilst the album shows them harnessing their prowess at melodic intervals and inherent control over soaring choruses, ‘Soulmade’ is not a one-dimensional release.

Tracks such as ‘I Think It Isn’t Fair’ bring the focus onto nuances and slight dynamic shifts to create impact. Built on a sparse piano progression and a twisting melody, it shows a level of intimacy, and allows a change in atmosphere.

The title-track itself plays with expectancy, using jagged guitar chords and shuffling drums to drive an irregular chorus. Led by Schiesewitz‘s unorthodox vocal pattern, the song not only brings a new element to the release, but also impressively becomes a prominent standout.

Bringing everything to the table on closer ‘Everyone Else’, they speed through breakneck vocal changes, showcasing an impressive range, whilst guitars jump from delicate finger-picking to juddering chords. Squeezing every last second out of the song, harmonies and moving dynamics work in tandem to create a lasting impression.

Reaching the potential shown on previous releases, ‘Soulmade’ is a record that demands for a second spin. With an abundance of solid tracks at their disposal, Breathe Atlantis are clearly ready to reach a wider audience.