ALBUM REVIEW: Born Of Osiris – Angel Or Alien

Release Date: July 2nd 2021
Label: Sumerian Records


Whilst emerging amongst the initial djent boom a little over a decade ago, Born Of Osiris have always been slightly different from their contemporaries, and with their sixth record, ‘Angel Or Alien’, they enter an exciting new chapter. Committing to a wider set of influences and delivering their tightly wound takes on pneumatic riffing, Born Of Osiris sound reinvigorated.

Opening with the one-two punch of ‘Poster Child’ and ‘White Nile’, the quintet waste little time in re-introducing themselves, as guitarists Lee McKinney and Nick Rossi tear through bouncing riffs and neck snapping palm-muting. Whilst on paper it may seem business as usual for Born Of Osiris, the velocity of Ronnie Canizaro‘s vocals drag the track through swarms of synth beds and relentless percussion.

Whereas previous releases may have lost the initial impact that set the group apart, ‘Angel Or Alien’ sees the band playing with a passion that is usually found on debut releases, as the angular and uncompromising ‘Crossface’ or the full throttle bounce of ‘In For The Kill’ easily prove.

Whilst it may be a change for hardcore fans, when Born Of Osiris inject melody (‘Love Story’, ‘Waves’), the record is at its strongest. Album highlight ‘Threat Of Your Presence’ is a testament to this, as it flits between being arguably the heaviest track on the record and delivering one of the group’s most accessible choruses, as dizzying synth melodies whirl around commanding vocals.

Coming close to an hour runtime, ‘Angel Or Alien’ is a varied yet imposing listen. With the band looking to expand their soundscapes whilst doubling down on unfiltered heaviness, there’s a lot to unpack. That being said, with tracks such as ‘Threat Of Your Presence’ and the concluding track ‘Shadowmourne’ delivering a compact and accessible insight to the sprawling record, ‘Angel Or Alien’ won’t have an issue introducing new fans to the unique world of Born Of Osiris.