Release Date: July 12th 2019
Label: Sumerian Records


Hailing from Camden, London, the inexplicably gritty Bones UK are booting their way into this year with their self-titled full-length record. Industrial and strobing, the album harnesses more attitude than a snarky teenager on a Monday morning. It’s jolty and assured, with the perfect amount of bite.

Blinding distortion infiltrates opening track, ‘Beautiful Is Boring’ as Carmen Vandenburg‘s guitar snarls and slices through the wavering frequencies. It almost sounds as though the underlying vocals are speaking in tongues, luring an entirely captivating, lilting tone to the track.

As drummer, Heavy, overlays the already confident introduction to the release, a grooving mood is carried through into ‘Filthy Freaks’. At this stage, new listeners are likely to be making a face reminiscent of eating a particularly sour candy: taut lips and raised eyebrow, as a result of the sheer fearlessness of this band.

‘Pretty Waste’ snatches the baton and shunts it between silver molars. Rosie Bones absolutely dons the vocal deliveries on this track, her idiosyncrasies evoking acknowledging nods and her ferocious disposition earning swoons. This same grunge rock-esque vibe channels through into the likes of ‘Skeletone’, a layered, macabre track that strangely shimmers among Bones UK‘s dark aesthetic.

Their established, eldritch aesthetic is prevalent throughout the entirety of this effort, as ‘Creature’ unravels into the familiarly gravelled guitar riffs that shriek as they’re churned out. ‘Girls Can’t Play Guitar’ dials up this angst tenfold, with the impenitent passion from both presidential halves of this band wreaking absolutely delectable havoc. The lyrics mock, “Stick to what you’re good at, little girl / Girls can’t play guitar”, but, boy, there isn’t a statement any farther from the truth. Vandenburg absolutely rips.

‘Black Blood’, however, is intrinsically hearty. The craters in Bones‘ voice, resultant of her fervent vocal pushes, are filled with honey, and this track is a welcomed, warm expression of the duo’s more solemn capabilities.

Simply another stud aside stand outs like ‘Pretty Waste’ and ‘Girls Can’t Play Guitar’ on the rough leather belt of Bones UK‘s feats, their self-titled album is a vicious introduction to a band that’s set to tear up the world.