ALBUM REVIEW: Bodysnatcher – This Heavy Void

Release Date: January 31st 2020
Label: Stay Sick Recordings
Website: None available


Not to be confused with the ska band with the (almost) same name, Bodysnatcher are a deathcore outfit originating from Florida that have thus far released two albums. Now onto their third, ‘This Heavy Void’, we see if they can maintain their reign of destruction.

The titular opening track rings with distorted dissonant guitars and choir synth background before spiralling into a furor of slam riffs that ensure a balls to the wall experience is about to be encountered. Continuing the tirade, follower ‘Twelve/Seventeen’ riles in self-reflection of past torments delivered by Kyle Medina‘s screams and roars that effectively convey his pain.

The following four tracks flit between metalcore aggression, doom slams, and visceral screams that are well executed but lack any sort of breathing space or build up to make them dramatic enough to differentiate them.

Accelerating up to speed metal excess and slowing to sludge metal drudge, ‘Torment’ ups the ante in creativity to blend the two in a maniacal ball of unpredictable energy that encapsulates the doom-slam style in a climatic fashion.

Taking on a confrontational assault, ‘Reparation’ rifles with kick pedals and pounding drums from Chris Whited, who manages the extreme time changes with expert precision and impact to keep the core from breaking apart in its tyrannical rage.

Across thirteen tracks, ‘This Heavy Void’ is a very hard experience to take in one sitting. Without the breath of instrumental breaks or progressive build ups, the constant slamming darkness becomes a stale and flat experience. The doom and gloom is always apparent, but without light to contrast it, it’s an entity on its own without argument.

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