ALBUM REVIEW: Blue Pills – Holy Moly!

Release Date: August 21st 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


When looking to set yourself apart from the crowd and rise above the underground, you can creatively come up with a unique combination of influences or be inventive enough to come up with something entirely new. We shall see what Blue Pills come up with their third full-length, ‘Holy Moly!’.

Opening with an empowering speech about equal rights, the album dives into groove laden fuzz rock filled with warm distortion and riotous yet pure utterances from vocalist Elin Larsson, who commands a broad range of roars and soulful cleans that make for an uplifting combination.

Ratcheting up to rock ‘n’ roll territory, ‘Low Road’ is heavily American influenced to the point it could be right out of Clutch‘s library, with wailing solos and energetic rhythms from André Kvarnström who commands a solid and professional background to the unchallenging forefront.

Slowing to country and western realms, ‘California’ takes us down the highway with old school pianos and backing choirs that would be more at home in Christian rock, with fuzzing strings from Zack Anderson who sticks to an average formula of riffs that are created by ninety percent of American rock bands.

What follows is a precession of tracks that flit between soulful rock mixed with country style acoustic breathing spaces, but nothing really stands out amongst the crowd. That is apart from closer ‘Longest Lasting Friend’, which finally introduces some drama and feeling as Larsson wails and sings with impassioned enthusiasm and sincerity.

A lot of the material produced on ‘Holy Moly!’ is so distinctly American that it’s hard to distinguish that Blue Pills originate from Sweden, and most of it could be written by any garage or local neighbourhood group.