ALBUM REVIEW: Birds In Row – We Already Lost The World

Release Date: July 13th 2018
Label: Deathwich Inc.


After six years of waiting and member changes, Birds In Row have released an album that brings aggression, vulnerability and atmosphere. With their sophomore collection, reunited with producer Amaury Sauvé, the French trio have blended melodic hardcore with somber undertones in new offering, ‘We Already Lost The World’.

From the frenetic introduction of ‘We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen’ to the abrupt end of ‘Fossils’, we’re treated to an unrelenting listen. The textures, dynamics, and structure of each song takes center stage within this album. The fuzzed out tones of previous release ‘Personal War’ are present within the bass guitar, but that’s where the similarities end.

Tracks such as ‘We Vs. Us’ boast not only frenzied riffs and screams, but also left–field influences. They present a refreshing middle act that relies on the spaces between notes, creating a twisted lullaby.

This isn’t to say that they’ve lost their core sound. There are still plenty of Converge influences within the record, from heavy drum sections to angular riffs. There’s a unity and density created from the overall sound that engulfs from beginning to end.

Whilst the record makes sharp and concise uses of dynamics throughout, there’s a lag towards the end. Whilst there’s still passion and intensity within the compositions, they fall short. ‘Morning’ seems to replicate ‘Remember Us Better Than We Are’ in structure, not standing out compared to other tracks. This isn’t necessarily a negative; it simply highlights how strong the previous songs are.

The shining highlight showcased here has to be ’15-38′, there’s simply no better representation of the album than this. Starting off with clean vocals and an indie rock flavour before descending into a raw chorus, there are tastes of both Fugazi and more modern era Touché Amoré in equal measures.

The composition also highlights the lyrical narrative present throughout, with lines such as “I built a sanctuary of my own faith in everything I’m not / But I wished you forced yourself to be.”

With ‘We Already Lost The World’, Birds In Row have pushed melodic hardcore forward with atmosphere playing a larger role within the sub-genre. Based on the progression within releases and the songwriting that’s on display here, it’s safe to say that these lot are ones to watch.