ALBUM REVIEW: Bilmuri – Rich Sips

Release Date: December 17th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Ex-Attack Attack! guitarist/vocalist Johnny Franck is the man behind the madness of Bilmuri, the self-proclaimed “deathcore/ambient/post-jazz/hard rock” one man band from Ohio who ends 2019 with his second record of the year, ‘Rich Sips’.

Following on from April’s ‘Wet Milk’, Franck has concocted a further seven snazzy, snarky tracks that are utterly unconfinable, with a tongue-in-cheek style that reclines in the basking glory that he shares in yet another beautifully strange effort.

‘Thicc Thiccly’ simply reinforces the abstract yet endearing nature of Bilmuri‘s presence and output. It makes chuckling references to his time in Attack Attack!, not only with a play on words with the title of their polarising, crabcore inventing breakthrough single, ‘Stick Stickly’, but also a subtle a brief feature from former bandmate turned Beartooth frontman, Caleb Shomo.

Bilmuri coins his tracks with an ambiguity that can be likened to the cluster of genres stapled to each song. ‘BRUH.mp4’ is no exception; emo, techno, and indie breaths falter between the chords and give the track an overall air of rawness.

Franck is not and never has been concerned with labelling or confining his creations to genres. From his chaotic history in Attack Attack! under releases such as ‘Sexual Man Chocolate’ and ‘Smokahontas’ to the bubblier tracks of Bilmuri like ’80/20SKYBEEF’, this smoking chaos isn’t going anywhere, clearly. This track introduces a citrusy feel to the EP, it’s almost refreshing.

‘SOURDOUGHSTARTER’ concludes this riot of a release, lifting simply into existence with an ambient instrumental intro. There’s a duality between Johnny Franck‘s persona and his musical stylism. While he may not take life too seriously, there’s clearly a lot that constitutes his creative process, and that’s abundantly clear on ‘Rich Sips’. It’s truly weird, yet truly wonderful.