ALBUM REVIEW: Between You & Me – Everything Is Temporary

Release Date: July 13th 2018
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available


Following their signing to Hopeless Records last year, Australian five-piece Between You & Me have now released their debut album, ‘Everything Is Temporary’, which brings together thirty minutes of energetic, punchy, feel-good pop-punk with themes of love and loss.

Opening track ‘Twice Shy’ perfectly embodies these elements, which make the core of this band’s sound. Combining franticly picked, distorted lead guitar riffs and a simplistic, yet solid punk-inspired drum beat from Jamey Bowerman, it really drives the energy of this track and, along with vocalist Jake Wilson’s vocal style, creates a sound reminiscent of ‘Rain In July’ era Neck Deep.

Lead single ‘Dakota’ also carries these same musical elements whilst taking an angrier tone lyrically. It’s a song reflecting upon a friend’s toxic relationship with their partner whom Wilson openly dislikes; “Hey, Dakota, you can piss right off / Keep your hands to yourself, and remove my name from your mouth”.

The record takes an emotionally hard-hitting turn by the time we reach ‘Floral Glass’, which talks about the passing of a close family member. A harmonically pleasing, picked, guitar sequence opens the track, but it’s Wilson‘s expressive vocal performance which really carries this ballad.

This emotive tone is continued with on ‘I Can’t Help It’, arguably the band’s most sonically experimental track on the record, with the heavy reverb and dissonant notation of the lead guitar part and the mental health focused lyrical content giving this track a strong nothing,nowhere. inspired vibe.

‘Everything Is Temporary’ packs more than what initial meets the eye (or ears in this instance). The title of the album perfectly embodies the overriding themes that this record conveys and almost gives the lyrical content of these tracks a bittersweet feel knowing that all pain, love, loss, and heartbreak is only temporary.