ALBUM REVIEW: Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger

Release Date: February 28th 2020
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


Despite having risen above the underground, initially Beneath The Massacre had far and few between releases to keep themselves in the limelight. Now onto ‘Fearmonger’, their fourth album in sixteen years, we shall see if it was worth the wait or worth discarding.

Frantically starting the onslaught, opener ‘Rise Of The Fearmonger’ manically twists and turns with diabolical riffs that interchange thrashing breakdowns to dissonant tapping riffs that are only in existence for brief moments. Fronted by the colossal croaks and roars of Elliot Desgagnés, it’s certainly a dramatic and confrontational entrance that wishes to coats your eyeballs in blood and guts.

Splintering into speed thrash, ‘Of Gods And Machines’ ratchets up the intensity further, with blast beating drums from Anthony Daron, who manages to maintain a torrid yet intelligible core to what’s a frenetic, riling beast of mayhem that refuses to rest on its laurels.

Taking on an 8-bit touch, ‘Autonomous Mind’ introduces retrospective synths that provide a haunting atmosphere that links in with Christopher Bradley‘s full balls to the wall style of riffs to create a more intensive and dynamic edge.

While the remaining tracks have the same distinct edge of vile and decrepit assaults on the senses, the constant barrage leaves no breathing space or gaps for an understanding of transition between tracks, especially when most of them begin with the same aggressive tap-tap-tap introduction and blasting snares.

While entertaining and dramatic to its fullest, the madness is a constant that needs at least a few seconds to give us time to breath above the waterline before plunging us down again in a spiral of hatred and doom. Sometimes having a few chains to reign in the furore can do wonders for a breath of calm and sanity.