ALBUM REVIEW: Bellevue Days – It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever

Release Date: November 22nd 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


It’s more than fair to say that Croydon based sludge-poppers Bellevue Days had a good start to the year when they were asked to support As It Is on their UK tour back in February and March.

Now that it’s nearly the end of 2019, have the band ended the year as triumphantly as they started it? The answer lies within their optimistically-titled debut album, ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’.

Opener ‘Gentle Flower’ sucks you in like a vacuum, with an ethereal synth and a one-note guitar line, before Al Bakovi‘s voice comes in alongside the drums. The tension and energy slowly builds into the beginning of what feels like will be an arena-ready chorus, but instead instantly cuts back down to a vocal harmony and a guitar. The chaotic free-for-all towards the end is just something else, and the soft voice and guitar at the very end leaves you wanting more.

The stigma that somehow still exists in our society surrounding mental health concerns is addressed on single, ‘S.A.D.’. The opening line, “I’ve got S.A.D. / But no-one ever takes it seriously” perfectly encapsulates the feelings of many people suffering with their mental health, that, for some unfathomable reason, society doesn’t take it seriously. This could be the anthem for a movement to remove the stigma.

“I’m happier in bed / Living off the sad song that’s always in my head”, the opening line to ‘Dashboard Jesus’, sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the song. The catchiness and the relatable lyrics mean that this is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser live.

‘Lily’ closes the album off on an odd, but beautiful note. The poignant acoustic guitar and vocals actually pair almost perfectly with the contrasting sound effects, creating something completely unique.

Bellevue Days have definitely ended their 2019 as triumphantly as they started it. ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’ combines the best of pop-punk, indie, and alternative rock to create an album that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.