ALBUM REVIEW: Behind Blue Eyes – Everything Between Us

Release Date: March 6th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


With putrid capabilities at their core, Behind Blue Eyes release ‘Everything Between Us’, a ten-track feat laced with poisonous indigos and gut-wrenching highs.

Behind Blue Eyes beckon the depths of alternative music and cling to them with bruised fists, wreaking an entirely fresh style of havoc as they toy with the more intimidating end of the fretboard. ‘Stay’ is brazen, rearing its ugly head to reveal the snarls and grooves the band possesses while a gargoyle stamps on the thin of the guitars.

Stone Behzadi offers both cleans and screams, and, while the heavier portions of the release prove more memorable, the duality leaves heads rolling. ‘Lie To Me’ expands its ribcage, inhaling intoxication and gravel, in turn donning the status of the most juxtaposing track on the effort.

The thick, guttural resonance of the metalcore-typical vocal portions in ‘Better Days’ and ‘No One’ is sandpaper compared to the fluidity of the cleans, awash with idiosyncrasies and lashings of London-native accents. As Joe Baker punctuates the valleys of the consonants, Kiahn Zamani goes feral and knots sanguine chords together with bloodied fists.

In a rare display of conformance to the conventions of an album, the ferocity of the tracks flit underwater for a moment, as ‘Father’ is rinsed with emotive content and conveyed in a diluted manner. Joe Sweeney‘s bass continues to chug as Behzadi almost blows out his throat again, but there’s a depth to the grit and a method behind the chaos.

Multi-faceted and carried into ‘A Lifetime’, the more solemn side of Behind Blue Eyes glints amidst the chaotic wreckage of the release’s substantial weight. Despite the band’s infancy following their formation in the summer of 2016, the London outfit are single-handedly reviving the potent complexity once consistently regenerated throughout the metalcore genre.

‘Everything Between Us’ is freckled with an authenticity often lost between the graves of cavernous riffs, while retaining the ability to contract the muscles of your neck each time the beats shunt. Behind Blue Eyes are blazing a spitting, navy trail in their wake, showing no mercy to the surrounding scene that they’re primed to take over.