ALBUM REVIEW: Bayside – Interrobang

Release Date: October 4th 2019
Label: Hopeless Records


New York natives Bayside clearly don’t believe in hating their hometowns like most pop-punk bands claim to; the band took their name from the Queens neighbourhood in which frontman Anthony Raneri grew up.

He also came up with the name, initially intended to just be a temporary one to put on a demo CD, on the drive to a New Found Glory show. The name stuck, and, twenty years later, the band are still going strong and now on their eighth studio album, ‘Interrobang’.

The record kicks off in epic fashion with the title-track. The interesting name comes from a combination of the question mark and exclamation mark, and this suits the song; the loud instrumentation mixed with the questioning vocals could certainly be signalled with an interrobang. ‘Bury Me’ starts with a riff reminiscent of the legendary ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne, which quickly subsides into a hell-for-skinny-jeans punk banger.

‘Heaven’ opens with a catchy melodic guitar line, with a medium-paced punk backing track. This is probably the poppiest song on the record, with an anthemic chorus and happy-sounding verses.

‘White Flag’ brings the whole affair to a close. Starting off with a catchy chugging guitar riff, it slowly builds into a fast-paced punk song. A short but sweet guitar solo plays before Raneri‘s vocals enter the frame, and the song barely loses momentum throughout. Contrary to its title, the band are showing absolutely no signs of surrender here.

Almost twenty years after handing their demo tape over to New Found Glory, the band have proved that they can still write a pop-punk record that is both catchy and heavy. Eight albums into their career, ‘Interrobang’ is Bayside‘s way of making sure that you’re aware that they can still kick ass.