Release Date: March 5th 2021
Label: Century Media Records


BAEST have established themselves from the underground garnering line-up festival spots at Summer Breeze and Roskilde. Now onto their third full-length release, we shall see if they can keep climbing the ladder with ‘Necro Sapiens’.

Shifting in the shadows, ‘The Forge’ opens with stealthy synths and atmospheric movements. These are soon cast aside with an upbeat groove of classic metal riffs in ‘Genesis’ before turning to a barrage of death metal with speed changes for added intensity, and roaring vocals from Simon Olsen who keeps each word perfectly intelligible whilst remaining visceral.

The album’s title-track ratchets up to the metalcore realm with demonic riffs set against a grooving layer of kick pedals and smashing snare hits from Sebastien Abildsten, who cuts through the layers of riffs with a constant high intensity playing style.

Pleading to dine in hell, ‘Goregasm’ lets the riffs ring out with classic solos reminiscent of Slayer‘s early days before being dispatched in a modern twist of groove laden death metal and metalcore that, rather than pushing right to the hilt of oblivion, focus on intense darkness to deliver as the vehicle to deliver their message.

Interweaving mathcore mentality, ‘Purification Mutilation’ quickly darts and scythes between blasting black metal to rampant death to grindcore to slowly plodding sludge. It’s all creatively combined and executed by guitarists Lasse Revsbech and Svend Karlsson, who both manage to keep the entertainment levels riding high.

‘Necro Sapiens’ is about as solid as it gets for death metal album, introducing variety in an intelligible form that isn’t just a balls-to-the-wall hell ride of constantly splashing cymbals and frenetic riffs that get lost in a mist of rattling strings. This doesn’t mean it isn’t one hell of a blast to the face either, but makes for a great change up and refreshing stance on song writing rather than trying to constantly push the envelope to the next extreme.