ALBUM REVIEW: Bad Wolves – Disobey

Release Date: May 11th 2018
Label: Eleven Seven Music


Over recent years, commercial and underground success has been a divergence between being original and recycling from other bands’ styles. Bad Wolves‘ EPs had some moments of promise, but still relied on an over-powering of tried and tested metal. Now, we experience what they can do on a full-length release with ‘Disobey’.

Unlike a new band uprising or obtaining revolutionary status, Bad Wolves are comprised of seasoned professionals from DevilDriver, God Forbid, Divine Heresy, and Vimic. This gives the impression that it will be dark heavy and mixed with a multitiude of styles to confront the listener with a challenging experience.

‘Officer Down’ starts off with a direct confrontation of thrash and screaming rap lyrics to enact the rebellious and riotous theme behind this song. The lyrics, whilst indisputably meaningful, are lost in the verses due to the extreme speed of utterance, but become clearer in the sung choruses exclamating about injustice in the judicial system.

‘Remember When’ represents a reflection in styles, reverting to what is an homage to their influences and experiences, first listening to alternative music and their surrounding situations at the time.

Closing number ‘Toast To The Ghost’ is the most intriguing, as the band push the boundaries into every area and incorporate everything to create a dramatic ending. The interchanges are intuitive but not overly demanding, incorporating almost blast beat rhythms to nearly spoken word vocals and long distortioned guitars.

‘Disobey’ is well written and accomplished, and touches on some grand and important topics that affect our society as a whole. Still, it deserves something truly unpredictable in between everything to create a more masterful experience.