ALBUM REVIEW: As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other

Release Date: March 26th 2021
Label: Long Branch Records


After the promise of their 2018 EP ‘Closure’, As Everything Unfolds have stepped up on all fronts with their debut full-length, ‘Within Each Lies The Other’.

Melding post-hardcore and a wide range of styles along the way, including elements of dream pop, ambient, and metalcore, the British outfit continue to flex their sound and capabilities without disconnecting from the already laid pre-album groundwork.

Opening with ‘On The Inside’, the group waste no time in throwing a barrage of thick riffs, wide-eyed screams, and synth led harmonies into the melting pot. Revolving around a bouncing chorus and the impressive vocal range of Charlie RolfeAs Everything Unfolds hit the ground running with impressive results.

The same can be said with the following cut, ‘Take Me There’, as Rolfe leans into her clean vocal range to unfurl what they can deliver. Whilst the band take on a more linear structure with the track, guitarists Adam Kerr and Owen Hill still throw in a few curve balls for good measure.

As ‘Within Each Lies The Other’ continues to progress, so do As Everything Unfolds as each track unveil how much they’ve evolved over the past couple of years. Whether it’s the dips into ambient soundscapes to separate the crushing riffs on ‘Wallow’ or the wide-eyed fury and lurching guitars of ‘I’m Not The Only One’, there’s little room for complacency to be found.

Whilst the sextet are certainly at their most effective when delivering crushing riffs (‘I’m Not The Only One’) or creating mammoth choruses such as the one that anchors the hook driven ‘On The Inside’, they’re not afraid to strip it all back in ‘Stranger In The Mirror’ or ‘Greyscale’.

With a plethora of twists and turns throughout, it seems fitting that ‘Within Each Lies The Other’ concludes with the intimate yet crashing ‘Wither’. Moving away from the technical prowess of the group, ‘Wither’ pulls the focuses towards the fragility of the lyrics to create an album highlight with its final moments.

Displaying a sharp ear for melody and a restless energy, As Everything Unfolds have delivered a striking debut full-length that not only has the potential to reach wide audiences but also still feel personal. An exciting force in the current surge of upcoming British talent, As Everything Unfolds could easily end up leading the pack in a few years.