ALBUM REVIEW: Anvil – Legal At Last

Release Date: February 14th 2020
Label: AFM Records
Website: None available


Anvil have been around for a while now. They’ve stuck to their roots of classic metal for over four decades, leading up their eighteenth full-length effort, ‘Legal At Last’.

Beginning with what can only be presumed is the hit of an illegal substance, ‘Legal At Last’ begins with popping water that’s cast aside by energetic power metal riffs and punk rebellion that celebrates the transition in law to legalise marajuana in the United States.

Follower, ‘Nabbed In Negraska’, takes on a similar tone, having a chorus of voices chanting “Smoking weed ain’t no crime” that attempts to create a raucous uprising, but the flat hard rock chords and monotone vocals mean that it falls short of the mark.

Turning to a maniacal thud, ‘Gasoline’ lets the riffs roar from Steve “Lips” Kudlow‘s guitar, where politically driven lyrics combined with classically dramatic solos make for a nice change of pace from the straight up 80s metal stylings.

Taking on an environmentally friendly approach, ‘Plastic Paradise’ denounces the use of plastic packaging that has led to the current crisis affecting our oceans and landfills. Told through solid and steady rhythms, drummer Rob “Robbo” Reiner, who holds a consistent and impactful stance throughout it, is a dated yet authentic experience.

Ratcheting up to speed metal, ‘Food For The Vulture’ is a final climactic bounding ball of energy that amalgamates the best parts of the previous tracks into an entertaining and energetic ending.

While there are parts that display Anvil‘s decades of experience, ‘Legal At Last’ is stuck too far in its roots to reach anything empirical in today’s standards, and instead becomes repetitive and flat.