ALBUM REVIEW: Another Sky – I Slept On The Floor

Release Date: August 7th 2020
Label: Missing Piece Records


Finding a unique hook to stand out from the crowd when there are a million-and-one would be indie rock bands seems like an impossible task. Now, Another Sky step into the foray to hopefully be the last one standing in the ring with ‘I Slept On The Floor’.

Reaching out with calm virtue, ‘How Long?’ gently hums with acoustic pianos and padded drums that are broken by a roar of progressive guitar riffs before returning to the serenity of the introduction. It makes for an interesting and carefully balanced opening.

Taking on an indie rock approach, ‘Fell In Love With The City’ is majestic and upbeat, but still retains the acoustic core that combined with Catrin Vincent‘s unique falsetto voice makes for a fantastic and catchy experience.

Turning to darker realms, ‘The Cracks’ utilises math rock synths that are juxtaposed against foreboding distorted bass lines and moments of clarity, which show the dexterity and creativity the band have at their disposal to balance different elements against each other.

Introducing artificial manipulation, ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ feeds Vincent‘s voice through a chorus effect that lightly distorts and gives the impression of multiple voices from one source. Closely akin to what could be from Four Tet‘s repertoire, the instrumentation is stripped to trip-hop beats and distant pianos that keep the variety riding high.

Returning to calmer shores, ‘All Ends’ gradually builds up from singular pianos gradually adding in atmospheric synths that combine to create a dramatic peak that is quenched back to its roots, and is a great display of progressiveness.

‘I Slept On The Floor’ nearly sees Another Sky fringe on being a mainstream copy of indie hit band, but instead keeps them firmly planted in the realms of experimentation to produce a unique and interesting effort.