ALBUM REVIEW: Anna’s Anchor – Everyone’s Welcome

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Failure By Design Records
Website: None available


Anna’s Anchor is the product of Limerick based musician, Marty Ryan. Taking influence from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Ryan works closely along his close friends to bring his alt rock/emo inspired project to life. and this is exactly the case for his third album, ‘Everyone’s Welcome’.

Looking at the record’s lead single, ‘White Washed Corridor’, Ryan‘s emo inspired roots seep through on the lyrical content as he touches upon the impact that alcoholism has had on his family life.

The track opens with a pulsating kick drum and softly strummed power chords, before Ryan then enters with his lyricism that’s sure to resonate with anyone going through the same problem; “We’re just human after all.” The melody is often quite stagnant and, whilst it works in the somber tone of the track, it still feels like there is space for it to move into other territory to improve the track dynamically.

One moment that really stands out is ‘Precautionary’. The indie inspired, staccato, lead guitar riff opens up the song perfectly, and makes for some refreshingly bouncy variety. The soft, underlying harmonies from guest vocalist Clare O’Brien really help to bring some life and presence to the chorus. Musically, the verses offer some rhythmic variation that allows this track its place as a standout on the record.

By all definitions of the word, ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ is a good record, and the DIY work ethic taken on here is something that must be commended. However, it just doesn’t do enough to stand out, and more often than not it comes across as quite a monotonous listen.