ALBUM REVIEW: Amarionette – Sunset On This Generation

Release Date: July 17th 2020
Label: Unsigned


With their third full-length ‘Sunset On This Generation’, Las Vegas rock quartet Amarionette explore new territories with new vocalist, Issy Berry. With their most coherent record to date, Amarrionette capture the promise shown on previous releases.

Reversed vocals open the record before thick and lush guitar riffs usher the title track in properly. Wasting no time, swinging melodies and choppy vocals not only highlight Berry‘s distinct tones, but also showcase the quartet’s concise writing. An evolving track, verses segue into straightforward choruses before revealing a dense bridge to drive the track home.

Building in the blueprint set out by its predecessor, ‘Golden Without You’ injects clustered drum fills and funk flavoured bass lines to keep momentum. Seesawing between lush vocals and sparse and laconic harmonies, the track ensures that Berry‘s performances are not the focal point. That being said, the rapid fire delivery ‘Counterfeits’ nearly steals the show, as the frontman navigates through jazz tinged melodies and skipping beats.

Whilst lead single ‘Modern Disco III’ delivers a strong snapshot of the record, funk is not the dominant ingredient throughout. Shown in the classic rock tempered ‘Throwing Rocks’, Nick Raya and AJ Samiento put their technicality to use with a ripping solo and interwoven melodies cutting through the group’s new sound.

Continuing to push past their own parameters, ‘Amnesia’ brings squeaky keys and lightening fast chord changes to the forefront of the dynamically attesting track. The same can be said for ‘Addiction’, taking elements from post-hardcore, most notably the polarising main riff. Jazz and progressive metal both work their way into the track, which stretches the limits of the group’s niche sound.

As Amarionette embrace the record’s second half, tracks such as ‘Forgot About Sad Dre’ and ‘Traumatise’ peel away the speed and dense layers to highlight the simplicity of the group’s songwriting. Simple yet effective, both tracks show a potential for a new soundscapes for the quartet.

Closing with ‘Luminescent Nights’, the group stick to their guns, delivering tightly wound melodies on top of Berry‘s strong vocals. Short, sharp, and sweet, the track creates a coherent ending to a record that sees Amarionette hone in on their newfound niche.

Whilst ‘Sunset On This Generation’ provides a definitive representation of Amarionette‘s stylistic change, where they go from here is anyone’s guess.