ALBUM REVIEW: All That Remains – Victim Of The New Disease

Release Date: November 9th 2018
Label: Eleven Seven Music


It’s been a turbulent last few weeks for American metalcore veterans All That Remains. With the news of their founding member, guitarist, and chief songwriter Oli Herbert tragically passing away, new record ‘Victim Of The New Disease’ marks the final record to be written by him.

The band’s trajectory has remained consistently steady over the last few years, with previous release 2015’s ‘The Order Of Things’ retaining their classic approach to metalcore with a mixture of heavy-to-clean vocals, masterful guitar work, and thundering breakdowns aplenty. While never looking to break down any genre barriers; what they do, they do to a very decent standard.

And, with no real surprises, they’ve delivered yet another classic slab of metalcore.

The band have certainly seemed to have dialled up the heavy aspect of their sound as ‘Fuck Love’ introduces the album in a ferocious manner. A thrash-induced rhythm section complimented by vocalist Philip Labonte‘s frenetically harsh vocals give the song a searing edge to it, and culminates with a throat-ripping deathcore scream finale.

Still, don’t be mistaken that the melody has totally disappeared; ‘Everything’s Wrong’ and ‘Misery In Me’ are clear All That Remains staples, and bring Labonte‘s melodic vocals right to the forefront whilst also reducing the pace from that opening track.

‘Wasteland’ depicts what must be the current mood in the band right now. With the word “misery” being prominent in the chorus, and with a vocal style to match, the atmosphere is morose, although there’s some diversity with viciously-paced verses carried by the guitar interplay of Herbert and Mike Marton. With the odd metalcore “bleugh” vocal tic and deathcore scream audible against some chuggy guitar bends and pinch harmonics, this song is one of the album’s highlights.

There are a couple of missteps, including ‘Broken’, which contains some ridiculously heavy elements including guitar pick scrapes reminiscent of French melodic death metal titans Gojira, although the quality of the saccharine-fuelled chorus does detract slightly from the overall sound of the track. ‘Just Tell Me Something’ goes all American western, with one-time country artist Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria) performing guest vocal duties.

All said and done though, the band have produced another extremely strong set of metalcore hits guaranteed to please long-standing fans of the band. What will become of their live show and indeed their future status as a band after Herbert‘s untimely passing remains to be seen, but hopefully on this evidence they can continue to grow and adapt.