ALBUM REVIEW: All Get Out – No Bouquet

Release Date: November 2nd 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records/Rude Records


As seasoned listeners of All Get Out may have come to expect from their previous offering, ‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’, the lyrics of the Texas duo’s latest album ‘No Bouquet’ could quite easily be replaced with the first few pages of the dictionary and Nathan Hussey‘s vocal melodies would still be just as intoxicating as they are now.

Hussey‘s restrained style is always welcome in a landscape where the trend seems to be to resort to shouting in order to convey emotion. That’s not to say that ‘No Bouquet’ doesn’t feature its more aggressive and energetic moments, but it does so in a controlled way that utilises a lighter touch, with mesmerising guitar melodies.

Thankfully, unlike ‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’, we didn’t have to wait half a decade for its follow-up, yet it feels like the result of a lifetime of hard work, careful craftsmanship, and self-discovery. The care that appears to have gone into the construction of this album is almost unparalleled, each line delivered with the utmost care, and no chord or vocal run wasted.

Intro track, ‘Rosè’, beautifully eases us into an experience unlike any other, with a flawlessly curated ten tracks to fall in love with. The pace picked up in single ‘Self Repair’, guiding us in with quick, palm-muted guitars accompanied by upbeat drums followed by the intense ‘Archives’, with a delivery akin to the recent material of The Wonder Years with a dash of David Mackinder of Fireworks thrown in.

‘First Contact’ brings us back to the gentle tone that enticed us at the beginning of ‘No Bouquet’ before contrasting this with a bold chorus flooded with passion, leading to a soothing vocal line to carry us over to the final chorus before directing us to the final three tracks, each as much as a pleasure to listen to as the ones that led us here.

‘All Get Out’ have followed up their 2016 release with an album so infectious that it’ll leave you desperate for more. There’s not a bad word to say about ‘No Bouquet’, and it will be abusing its replay factor for a long time to come. It’s about as close to a masterpiece as you can get and will be very difficult to follow, but there’s no doubt that whatever comes next from the minds of Nathan Hussey and Kyle Samuel will be just as incredible.