ALBUM REVIEW: Against The Current – Past Lives

Release Date: September 28th 2018
Label: Fueled By Ramen


It’s been over two years since New York natives Against The Current released their debut full-length record, ‘In Our Bones’; an album that introduced them to the world, and laid their first paving stones to stardom. Now, the trio is back for a second round, and looking to enter a new chapter with ‘Past Lives’.

Sophomore records are usually just as important as a debut. Artists really start to unleash their creative potential, and this is certainly the case for Against The Current. Their new material manifests a natural growth that could cement their place as one of the more interesting pop-rock bands around today.

The record begins with ‘Strangers Again’, an impressive mid-tempo tune which instantly lures you in. It’s a powerful song that speaks out to the darker situations of relationships that we all find ourselves in, and being with someone we no longer feel that connection with, yet it features a liberating and uplifting chorus thanks to the vocals from Chrissy Costanza.

The album immediately takes a turn for a more traditional pop sound with ‘I Like The Way’ and ‘The Fuss’ each their ear worm melodies. Both could easily slot onto mainstream radio, proving Against The Current‘s progression as both a band and as songwriters.

‘Voices’ follows a similar path with its spiky funk-esque pop, and is equipped with easily one of the catchiest choruses in their arsenal to date. By this point, it’s clear that they’ve ditched the former pop-punk approach as seen in their 2015 EP ‘Gravity’ and the darker, heavier feel of the music to completely embrace and experiment with various layers of pop music.

‘P.A.T.T.’ (an abbreviation for ‘Pretty All The Time’) is an anthem set to empower women to be themselves, and not bow to peer pressures of always looking their best to avoid judgment based solely on their appearance, and ‘Friendly Reminder’ follows which injects a further positivity boost.

The lyrical content impressive and, like much of the repertoire of the record, highlights their maturity. Being a band for seven years, Against The Current have done a lot of growing, a lot of which between dropping their debut ‘In Our Bones’ and that album cycle up until now, with each song seemingly to share an experience from their past lives; the album’s title is an apt name for it to bear.

Delivering an impressive pop record which sees them step further away from their more rock driven beginnings, Against The Current haven’t played it safe when it came to their sophomore record. Clearly having found their sound, the Poughkeepsie trio set out with a vision in mind and successfully executed it on ‘Past Lives’, producing one of the most interesting pop-rock records so far this year.