ALBUM REVIEW: Afterlife – Breaking Point

Release Date: January 11th 2019
Label: Hopeless Records


One track in on their full-length ‘Breaking Point’, and Florida’s Afterlife already reek of generic riffs, try-hard edge, and lyrical cliches.

Record opener ‘Sacrifice’ promises very little in the terms of creativity, both verbally and musically, and the following tracks only feature more of the same. Quite soon into the album, the obligatory attempt to incorporate rap into a metal album rears its head, which by this point has been done to death so badly that it can be assumed that every third modern metal song will feature it.

Not much changes by the halfway point, with the title-track promising very little for the remaining half that’s yet to come. Flooded with out of place ‘rap’ verses and littered with juxtaposing screams in the choruses, there’s very little personality present to make up for its overused and generic features.

Indeed, throughout the entire 10-track album (which should have been a much shorter EP if anything), the very minor and slight sonic shake-ups that can be found only really include some brief intro sound effects on a few tracks.

For all the shortcomings of ‘Breaking Point’, something must be said for its production; it’s very polished and clearly professionally crafted, however, this sadly doesn’t make up for a lack of musical creativity or personality.

Afterlife have likely found their identity. It’s just a shame that their identity involves beating the same dead horse that other bands have been doing much better for years.