ALBUM REVIEW: 1000mods – Youth Of Dissent

Release Date: April 24th 2020
Label: Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug Recording


Since their formation in 2006, 1000mods have three full-length albums to their names and a few EPs, and several stints at touring across the world. No doubt this has given them the chance to hone their style in on their fourth LP, ‘Youth Of Dissent’.

Kicking off with a mixture of indie and rock, ‘Lucid’ incorporates fuzzing guitar riffs and upbeat tempos that ensure an entertaining and emphatic introduction. Featuring Dani G.‘s vocals that sit between Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Scott Hill (Fu Manchu), he effectively sits in the band’s style of hard/stoner rock.

Ratcheting up the intensity, ‘Warped’ turns to maniacal torment, with dissonant riffs from Giannis S. and Giorgos T. who keep the distortion high and let the strings wail and writhe when appropriate for each break in the noise rock onslaught.

Dialling back to quaint hard rock, ‘Less Is More’ lightens up the mood and the riffs with strumming fuzz against a background of tempered beats from Labros G., who maintains a constant solid background against the swathes of interchanging riffs and solos.

Building up with a marching band, ’21st Space Century’ breaks apart the rock gods with progressive drums and feeding back guitars that display the dexterity that the band has to introduce different elements.

Toning down to instrumental levels, ‘Young’ reverts to clean chords and distant vocals that are reminiscent of Soundgarden‘s progressive stylings, but retain the band’s extra elements to make it stand out as originally theirs.

While ‘Youth Of Dissent’ is an entertaining experience, it lacks an extra edge to differ it from the legends that pioneered it and derive itself from its obvious influences. Add an extra edge, make some twists and turns, and you could end up making something entirely original.