ALBUM: Reckless Love – Spirit

Release Date: June 24th, 2013
Label: Spinefarm Records


Reckless Love are a Finnish glam rock band who have just released their third studio album, ‘Spirit’. The album is what it is; it’s a glam rock album that has brought in pop elements in an attempt to modernise the genre and make it more relevant in today’s culture. Whether or not this is an expedition well done or not is up to the individual.

Starting with ‘Night On Fire’, which is a relatively decent song, quite catchy, although it is, at times, scarily reminiscent of some sort of Eurovision Song Contest entry. Furthermore, the follow-up song ‘Bad Lovin’ is an embarrassing attempt at an equal rights songs for gay rights, “It don’t matter if you’re straight, it don’t matter if you’re gay / Don’t matter if you’re bi, it will get you anyway”, followed by a variation of equally underwhelming lines. Yes, it’s good that the band are trying to do something that seems to advocate sexual equality, but the standard to which they do it is almost an insult. At times, it comes across as a parody.

Song after song leads you hoping that the band will produce something with a glimmer of promise, but this song leads to ‘I Love Heavy Metal’, that fills its lines in with useless name drops, for example, “Def Leppard, Poison Kiss and Alice Cooper / Motley, Maiden and Van Halen […] I love heavy metal / Can’t get enough / Can’t get enough / I love heavy metal – alright”. These lyrical weaknesses of the album are by no means few and far between. Although this particular song is not impressive lyrically, it is a catchy, poppy song, that one can imagine huge crowds of people singing back. It just lacks a bit of originality, though.

So far, we have seen the album in a mostly negative light. There are some positive sides to the tracks. Reckless Love are relatively textbook glam rock with a bit of a modern twist, maybe their true colours of the songs can really only be experienced when seeing them live, The whole album sounds like a concert waiting to happen.

‘Edge Of Our Dreams’ is the stand-out song of the album as it shows their skill, especially vocally. It’s without a doubt one of the most enjoyable songs on the album, and definitely one that even someone who is not a fan of the genre could like. It breaks the boundaries more than the rest of their songs.

So, all in all, ‘Spirit’ album is not that great of an album. However, there are some genuinely good tracks on it and is trying to bring back a once loved genre and is doing so with some success.

Written by Orla Conway